Timely TIps and Tidbits – May Day Baskets

By Sherry Vogel

The fun springtime tradition of May Basket Day is May 1. This innocent celebration is all about sneaking up to a neighbor’s front door and surprising him or her with a cute little basket filled with flowers, candy, or small gifts. The trick is not to get caught while doing it-or according to tradition, you’re supposed to get a kiss.

This exciting day of simple surprises is one tradition that has not been infiltrated by some major card company marketing baskets, cards and trinkets. In fact, the simpler the basket the sweeter.

Here are the steps to make your own sweet and simple May basket.

1. Roll a piece of pretty patterned scrapbook paper into a cone shape and secure with tape or staples.

2. Punch two holes on opposite sides of the opening and thread a colorful ribbon through them so you can hang your May basket on a doorknob.

3. Gently fill with paper flowers, simple baked goods, lollipops and other small lightweight candy.

4. Quietly sneak up to the neighbor’s door, knock and run…or not. Smooch!

More simple ideas for May Day baskets:

Triple paper cupcake liners, make two holes on either side, and make a hanger using pipe cleaners. Fill with jellybeans.

Fill a strawberry basket that’s been rinsed off with small candy pieces; tie a ribbon or piece of string to both ends to hang your basket.

Hammer holes in the sides of a tin can, hot glue burlap fabric to the outside, run twine or ribbon through each hole, and knot each end inside. Fill with treats.

Cover a cool whip topping tub with colorful paper, punch two holes on either side, and make a hanger by running twine through the holes. Fill with flowers.