Author Annika Plummer Visits School

Annika Plummer reading The Apple Story to the elementary students.

Author Annika Plummer visited the Plevna School grades K-5 April 11. Annika grew up in Sims, N.D. She now lives in Dickinson and works for Dickinson State University, her alma mater. She enjoys adventuring around the state taking pictures of North Dakota’s treasures, as well as spending her time baking, writing letters, taking pictures, and spoiling her nephews and niece.

Annika Plummer shared The Apple Story with us today. Her inspiration for this story was her paternal grandma, Martha Nelson, a fantastic storyteller. This book is written in memory of her. A little boy, searching to find the meaning of God and Grace hidden in a special place, is told that God’s little red house has no windows or doors, just a chimney on top and a star hidden from view. He searched high, and he searched low, until finally the little boy found it in an apple – no windows or doors, but a chimney on top and if cut horizontally, a star inside. Annika submitted her book for publication and it was turned down. She then submitted it to a publishing company in Bismarck. She had 1,030 books printed, which she paid for herself. She has written another book, which she is waiting to have illustrated by Scott Nelson, illustrator of The Apple Story.

Annika shared her family adventures in Norway, and sang some beautiful songs, which her Uncle had taught her in their native language. She told us that Scandinavians have a saying, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. Writing and/or telling stories is a family tradition. Not only did her Grandmother tell wonderful stories, but her father has been a columnist for the Farm and Ranch Guide and also wrote a book entitled Wilbur’s Christmas Gift.