Timely Tips and Tidbits

Choosing the best lawn mower

By Sherry Vogel

Cutting grass in a regular size residential lot can be a chore depending on which kind of lawn mower you are using. For those wanting to expend the most effort, the old-fashioned reel mower would be considered the ultimate mower. Since the yardworker is the horsepower behind this type of mower, you would  definitely break a sweat; leading to the ultimate workout.

For those not wanting to work as hard, or who have a tangle of tree roots to avoid, a gas-powered walk behind lawn mower maybe would work best.

There are two kinds of walk behind gas mowers to consider: push and self-propelled. Here are a couple tips to help make the decision of which mower would be best for you. Keep these facts in mind:

1.) To power a push mower, you do just that…push it. The engine on a push mower is designed to cut thick grass, but it doesn’t propel the lawn mower forward. Of course as the grass catcher bag fills, the mower becomes a little heavier and a tad more difficult to push.

2.) Self-propelled lawn mowers are very easy to maneuver. You don’t have to supply the power, you just have to steer. The speed is adjustable so that you are able to avoid being dragged all over the yard by the self-powered machine.  Self propelled mowers work well when mowing uphill and work well on all types of terrain, maneuvering easily around obstacles.

3.) Both types of mowers are generally front wheel drive, although self propelled may be back wheel propelled or custom orders may even be four wheel drive. Choosing the option of larger back wheels makes both types of mowers easier to use.

Grass cutting is a chore for some and yet relaxing for others. I wonder if it is all in the type of mower you are using?