Gotta Question

Q: Will there be a public meeting concerning the tear down of the racquetball courts at the rec center? If this is done how much will the project cost and where are these funds coming from? What other construction changes (new or old) is the school planning for the near future??

Answered by Jon Wrzesinski, Superintendent of Schools

A: A committee made up of two school board members and the Superintendent along with input from the rec center manager and the Fallon County recreation director have had discussions regarding how to make the rec center a “more usable” and updated facility. Currently we track usage of the facility on a monthly basis and specifically target individual areas such as racquetball usage, pool usage, and weight and cardio rooms. That data weighs heavily on any discussions regarding any upgrades to equipment and the facility.

At this point there have been no decisions or recommendations made as to which direction the School Board will take in terms of the Rec Center. Suggestions have included upgrading the existing cardio equipment and current cardio room; expanding the weight room area due to overcrowding with high school classes, and re-appropriating one or possibly two of the current three racquetball courts. Much like any other public facility we are always looking at ways to improve the infrastructure while being fiscally responsible. One change you will see in the future is the use of a “fob” or keyless entry system that will allow for more usable hours of the facility. Any funding of these type of projects usually comes from existing funds in the building reserve and/or adult education funds.

The largest project you will see at the schools this summer will be finishing up the flooring project in the high school and repairing existing hail damage.