Math Meet

Silver Award Winners for the Math Meet – Ashley Sander and Hadyn Mellon

On Wednesday, March 15, Plevna School hosted the Southeast Regional Math Meet. Participants included Jessica Paul, Ashley Sander, Trinity Rieger, Jenna Paul, Dacy Buerkle, Seth Carroll, Jesse Isaacs, Hadyn Mellon, Chloe Tudor and Lexi Wills. If the students were in the top 15% on a test, they received a 1; if they were in the top 16-35% on a test they received a 2. Those students who received a 1 or 2 in all 3 tests were awarded a silver.  This honor went to Ashley Sander and Hadyn Mellon. Those receiving a 1 and/or a 2 on one or two of their tests were Jesse Isaacs, Chloe Tudor, Lexi Wills, Dacy Buerkle, and Trinity Rieger. Congratulation Mathematicians!!