Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Many residents have been asking our PRO-MGSSG Board what is happening with the WBI Underground Storage issue.

In response, the board would like to say that we are still in negotiations. We have given WBI a copy of what we would like to see in an easement. They in turn have issued another easement that still does not address the issues we feel are necessary. Therefore, the negotiations are continuing.

We know that some compromise is going to be necessary but we are trying our best to insure that the property/landowner is protected.

To those who are included in the storage field but have not joined our group, we extend an invitation to do so. The larger our numbers are, the more power we have to negotiate a livable easement If you are interested in joining us, please call any one of the board members.

Kevin Braun

Mike Griffith

Larry Singer

Dustin Krech

Wanda Pinnow

Cynthia Atkins

Sharon Gookin