Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Fallon County Commissioners in its minutes as published in the Fallon County Times, with all due respect to chairman Steve Baldwin, Deb Ranum and Jay Rost have made the decision not to move the POW Monument from in front of the Fallon County Veteran’s Memorial. This decision is unacceptable. The photo attached shows how the POW detracts from the beauty of our Fallon County Veteran Memorial. Drury G. Phebus, chairman of Fallon Post #35 Veterans Memorial, its commander, Major Sheila Bondell hope the POW  Monument will be moved to a different location. The Fallon County Memorial  is a destination point in Baker, where veteran’s family can honor their veteran relatives. The space in front of the memorial is now a cluttered mess. Stop by and view it. Call the Commissioners and tell them so. Fallon Post will raise the money to move it, if money is a concern, I don’t think so.

This was a wrong decision, lets move it and start today.

Drury G. Phebus

Fallon County Veteran

Memorial Post #35

American Legion