Gotta Question

  Q: With the sewer infrastructure in the current state of disrepair, what a waste of our county money to purpose the construction of a new EMS facility.

Have the Commissioners not asked EMS director Mitchell why her department’s large training sessions can’t just walk across the parking lot to the already available meeting rooms in the court house basement? Or simply walk across the street to the newly constructed school facilities, if not meet out at the expansive county fairgrounds facilities, which remain empty the better part of the year? Isn’t it time to use common sense and stop this crazy frivolous spending of taxpayer’s dollars and our oil revenue money?

A: Answered by Lisa Mitchell, Director of EMS

The location of the  building now, has become a safety issue for parking and responding. We do utilize other facilities for training, but we have outgrown our facility and our response time has been delayed in the past due to the parking issues and pedestrians.