Help clean up Baker–You can make a difference

By Sherry Vogel

How often have you heard it said, “Somebody should clean up Baker?” Especially this time of year when the snow has all melted, leaving dirty sand and litter strewn across yards and parking lots, making Baker look a little less than desirable.

You have an opportunity to make a difference.

The City of Baker will be hosting “Baker Proud” Clean-up Days starting on April 23 and running through May 15.

During this event every resident will have an opportunity to dispose of his or her large discarded items at no charge. The parking lot at the city shop, located at 13 N. 4th Street West, (on the north side of the railroad tracks) will have large industrial size dumpsters available to dispose of your items starting the weekend of April 23.

All kinds of refuse are accepted from old couches, mattresses, broken lawnmowers, bicycles, old wood, metal, tires, etc. So get outside, clean up your yards, garages and vacant lots.

Each dumpster will be designated for the classification of various items. There will be a dumpster for metal, another for tires, household construction items (wood, old couches, furniture etc.), branches and yard trimmings, household garbage and a special collection site for hazardous wastes.

Items such as old refrigerators and air conditioners that had coolant in them must be tagged before they are discarded, so it is verified that the freon has been drained from them before workers can haul them to Baker Metal and Recycling for you.

This is also an opportune time to discard all toxic and flammable hazardous waste. There will be a designated area at the city shop parking lot for collection of such items. Paint thinners, varnishes and such should be left in their original marked containers. Paint products can be dried up or half full cans can be stuffed with kitty litter to absorb the liquid contents. Landfill personnel will pick up used motor oils that are left in marked, sealed containers set aside in the designated area. Aerosol paint cans will also be collected in the hazardous waste area.

*For all residents not physically able to drive or unload their refuse at the city lot, you may leave your items free of charge, curbside for pick-up by city workers between April 23 – May 15.  Neighbors, please be aware and offer assistance to fellow neighbors who aren’t able to haul their discarded items to the curb.

The mayor is aware of how disheartening it is to look around town and see the streets in such disarray. She would like to encourage residents and business owners to take to the streets with hoses and brooms to sweep/hose sand and dirt into the gutters so that the city street sweepers will more readily be able to capture loose dirt/sand, removing it entirely from the streets. Sweep or hose off your sidewalks into the gutters to help add curb appeal to your properties.

Mark your calendars, get a jump on cleaning up your yards and garages knowing that you have a free and easy way to unload yourself of all clutter and waste from April 21 – May 15.

Mayor Pratt encourages all residents to be ‘Baker Proud’. She stated, “Please lets help get the city cleaned up. What if we all washed the street in front of our homes and neighbors? What if you helped clean your block to have the best block in town? Lets make Baker something awesome and work together. Be Baker Proud.”