On Sunday, March 19, the FCCLA girls along with their advisor, Mrs. Benner, traveled to Billings to attend the 70th annual State Leadership Conference. This year’s theme was “Creating Change around the World.” After check in and registration, they attended opening ceremonies. Motivational speaker Brandon White entertained them with his message of taking action and “owning it”. Brandon talked about his struggles with weight and speech growing up, and the importance of dedication and change. Brandon, who is also a dance instructor, motivated them to use positive leadership styles to make a positive impact on the others.

Monday morning started out bright and early with competitions and awareness sessions. Jenna Paul competed in recycle and redesign with her presentation entitled “Second Chances, Paws for a Cause”, Sophia Dulin presented “A Bite of the World,” Ashley Sander and Dacy Buerkle presented “FCCLA Makes a Difference,” highlighting the activities the Plevna FCCLA has done this year, and Jessica Paul presented her Career Investigation Project on Pediatric Nursing. The students also attended an awareness session by Brandon White called “Own It”, where FCCLA members learned about their personalities and leadership styles. They learned how to use communication to solve conflicts and confusion.

Early Tuesday morning they attended a business meeting and had an icebreaker telephone game. Then they journeyed over to the Convention Center for the much anticipated awards session. Dacy Buerkle and Ashley Sander, Sophia Dulin and Jessica Paul all received silver medals in their events. Their evaluators were impressed with their projects and creativity. Jenna Paul received a gold medal for her project and earned a trip to nationals in Nashville, Tennessee in July. Mrs. Benner was extremely proud of all the students and very thankful for the help of veteran FCS teacher, Jan Stickney. It was a very successful trip and plans are already being made for next year’s competition.