Science Fair

On March 14, the Plevna students in Mrs. Benner’s 3rd grade and Mrs. Fujimori’s 5th grade held a Science Fair in the multipurpose room opened to the school kids and community. It was fun to listen to the students present their projects and show how each one worked.

In the 3rd Grade Class Madison O’Connor’s project was entitled Nebula in a Jar. Turk Rieger showed how to Launch a Catapult. Weston Buerkle’s project was entitled Homopolar Motors. Ashtyn Arnold demonstrated Walking Water. Michael Goben showed how Static Electricity worked. Callie Hoenke demonstrated the effects of mixing Water, Oil and Food Coloring. Hugo Thielen created Magnetic Slime.

The 5th Grade Class started with Noah McLachlan’s Fire Snake. Brandon Breihahn showed us How to Make Lightning. Noah Arnold’s project was on Leaf Chromatography. Tylee Rieger shared her knowledge on How to Make a Homemade Lava Lamp. Cooper O’Connor was able to Make Smoke in a Bottle. Last, but not least, Carson Sander demonstrated How to Make Candles out of Oranges.

The Science Fair was very exciting and educational. Thank you teachers and students for sharing some wonderful science experiments with us!