Former Baker resident’s transplant successful

Latest word on Brandon Schmidt, former loan officer at Fallon County Credit Union and Baker City Council member received his heart transplant a little over a month ago. His mother Diana reports, “He is happy to have a pulse again since he had no pulse with his Livad, the heart pump.” Brandon who resides in St. Augustine, FL travels to Orlando for tests and biopsies 2-3 days a week. The biopsies determine the amount of heart rejection if any. Diana shares, “There are no signs of rejection. We hope it continues that way. He is happy with his progress and we are too.” Brandon is thankful for everyone’s support through this ordeal.

For those who would like to contact Brandon, you may write to:    

                               Brandon Schmidt

                               69 N Whitney St.

                               St. Augustine, FL. 32084

By Sherry Vogel