Newborns Shiver

Snow flakes falling straight to the ground

Began to slant toward the east

And as the western blow picked up

We had a blizzard not last or least.

It wouldn’t be that deadly

Except for new born stuff

Calves and lambs will shiver and die

Mothers can’t lick fast enough.

Well it’s March of course and we all hope

The weather is subject to change.

So get ‘em in to shelter

And protect in this home on the range.

The wind is so awfully cutting and cold

On an animal newly born

But that’s how we buy our bacon

And pay the mortgage down.

So we’ll keep watching for a change

Or shed or roof to cover

We’ve faced the wind a lot of years

And learned to move not hover.

Oh there’s a light streak in the sky

A tiny glimpse of sunlight

So keep on watchin’ those newborns

We could have a better night.

By Prairie Singer

March 12, 2017

The Thrill of the Trill

It looks like a meadowlark morning

Through a polished window pane.

But if I’d step out I’d be disappointed

‘Cause I wouldn’t hear a thing.

Never mind they’re here; we’ve seen them

As they let out a chirp or two

It won’t be long till we’ll hear the trill

Of the larks we’re accustomed to.

Of course the ground is frozen still

With here and there a patch of snow

But it looks like a meadowlark morning

And a prairie ear ought to know.

‘Cause there’s nothing sweeter on the prairies

Than the trill of the meadowlark

As it rings and trills and echoes

From dawn to early dark.

By Prairie Singer

March 8