Pottery in art class

Colter Peterson, Jessica Paul, Jenna Paul and Trinity Rieger with their pottery projects.

Students had an opportunity in art class to try their hands at pottery. They made cups and soup bowls from clay using their hands to form their creation. Once they finished molding their masterpiece, they put them in the kiln to bake. After the first baking, the students applied glazes with a crystal rock that melts and baked them again to add color and sparkle to the finished product.  What fun to be able to create their own cups and bowls!

Paper Mache Projects: Jessica Paul with a bear, Colter Peterson with coyote, and Cole Edgell with an eagle.

The high school students then had the opportunity to discover what their spirit animal was and then create a paper mache sculpture of it. They had to decide what pose their animal would take, and then they used foil to create the sculpture. After they paper mached the foil, they painted their animals.