Watercolors On Main At Lawler’s

Gaye Sander, of Baker, discovered the joy of watercolor as a newlywed.

By Sherry Vogel

Gaye Sander, of Baker, discovered the joy of watercolor as a newlywed. This paint medium was easy to clean up and the supplies were affordable. So with a $20 gift of birthday money she bought her first supplies and began experimenting with watercolor. A few years later she took a beginner’s class, then every other year took another. She shared, “I considered this my college art education.”

Sander had developed a love for drawing as a young child when she watched her mom doodle on paper. Her mother was very talented at creating the most amazing sketches of beautiful women dressed in very detailed eloquent gowns. As a child, Gaye was already becoming an art advocate when she began taking her mom’s drawings to school to share at show and tell.

Over the years Gaye has enjoyed creating watercolor pieces for friends and family.

Some five years ago, Sander began dreaming of sharing her passion for watercolors with others.

With spring in the air, she wondered how many budding artists in the community longed to get out of their homes and would enjoy their passion for watercolor in an open public studio. Perhaps even enjoy working alongside other artists who share the same enthusiasm. Sander made the decision that now would be a good time to help promote an opportunity to paint with watercolors within the community.

Together with Jessica Benedict, of Otto’s Coffee Shop, she would like to invite all adults in the community to join them in expressing themselves at Watercolors on Main. The studio space available will be in Lawler’s in the spacious area of Otto’s Coffee Shop.

Everyone, whether a beginner or accomplished in watercolor, is encouraged to bring your art supplies and set up on Main to express yourselves and enjoy a mid morning of visiting while creating works of art.  This is the only studio in Baker, offering the medium of watercolor and does not offer instruction.

This open brush time is free of charge and will be held one day a month. The first open studio will take place on Thursday, March 16, from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

All lovers of art are encouraged to come on down to Lawler’s to create works of art, or to grab yourself a cup of joe and watch as local artists express themselves with color in this “sip and splatter” session.