Jessica Paul Inducted into Plevna’s National Honor Society

Monday, February 27, Jessica Paul interviewed before a committee of five teachers for entry into the National Honor Society. After submitting a resume of  school and community activities, writing an essay, and answering some very intense questions, she was given the nod to become an esteemed member of the Plevna Honor Society.

Miss Coon swearing Jessica Paul into the National Honor Society.

The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony was held Thursday, March 9th with Miss Coon explaining what becoming a member of the National Honor Society involves and lighting the first candle from which all other candles were lit. Mr. Sawers explained how important Scholarship is for an honor society member. Mr. Coon told how a member of this society should be of service to others in the school and the community. Mrs. Sparks challenged Jessica to be strong in Leadership skills, while Mrs. Benner pointed out the importance of Character for a member of National Honor Society. Congratulations Jessica!