High School Academic Olympics

By Carol Hadley

The High School Academic Olympics 2017 was held on March 8 at Miles Community College. Baker High School again represented very well. The written test, covering all subject areas, was taken by the participants in the morning.  Scores were then used to place teams into the oral completion in the afternoon. Baker A tied for first in written with Broadus A and after a coin toss were given the number one seed in the oral completion.  Baker C ran into some tough competition and after two rounds were eliminated. Baker team B had better success winning 1 and losing 2. Baker A did a great job throughout the tournament and ended up in the semifinals against Forsyth. After defeating Forsyth earned a spot in the championship against a strong Miles City team D. Unfortunately, Baker A could not pull out a win but earned a respectful second place out of 26 teams that competed.

The Baker participants also showed great strength in the written with many placers. In the 9th grade Rachel Rost received 7th and Alyssa Schell receive a 3rd place medal. The sophomores had a strong showing with four placers, Maleah Graham and Kelsey Miller 8th, Devon Solberg 7th and Terrell Koenig medaled with 3rd. In the junior division Tannon DuKart medaled with 3rd and Taylyn DuKart medaled with 2nd. Issac Rost received 4th in the senior division. Great Job to all participants!