Academic Olympics

Team A: (l-r): Ashley Sander, Trinity Rieger, Chloe Tudor, Jaeda Paul, Jesse Isaacs with Mr. Coon who was the score keeper and timer.

On Tuesday, March 7th, Plevna’s JH Academic Teams along with Mr. Coon and Mrs. Sparks traveled to 2017 Academic Olympics in Miles City. The A Team consisted of Ashley Sander, Trinity Rieger, Chloe Tudor, Jesse Isaacs, and Jaeda Paul. The B Team was comprised of Dacy Buerkle, Jenna Paul, Alexia Wills, Cheyenne Farris, and Wyatt Isaacs. The A Team placed fourth in their written tests and seventh in the oral competition out of 19 teams. Team B placed 12 on the written test.

Team B at buzzers (l-r): Dacy Buerkle, Jenna Paul, Alexia Wills, Wyatt Isaacs, Cheyenne Farris.

Individual scores on the written tests were as follows: Wyatt Isaacs took 1st place in the sixth grade category with Jaeda Paul coming in 2nd place. In the seventh grade written test, Chloe Tudor placed 7th, and Jesse Isaacs placed 8th. In the eighth grade written test, Ashley Sander placed 7th, and Dacy Buerkle 10th. On Wednesday, March 8, Jessica Paul and Mrs. Sparks headed to Miles City for High School Academic Olympics. Jessica took the written exam and placed sixth. Congratulations to all of our Academic Olympians!