PUGS Honor Roll

Eastern Star Chapter #60 of Baker  provided outstanding third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students with a certificate and pizza as part of a program to recognize academic achievement.

To qualify for the Pull Up Grades (PUGS) honor roll, a student must bring up one class grade one level without going down in any other subject. Students with perfect grades can qualify if they maintain their outstanding performance.

Fifth-seven students qualified for the PUGS honor roll for the second quarter.

The pizza was provided by the Eastern Star and Heiser’s Bar.

Third Grade

Third grade: Emily Enos, Lucas Gundlach, Natty Hester, Jessica Kruger, Tylar Smith, Kaydree Anderson, Preston Asher, Abygale Cuppy, Logan Ehret, Clay Rost, Julia Schallenberger, Nicholas Schallenberger, Zabrian Wyrick, Cricket Wyrwas

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade: Mykalea Craig, Chase Follmer, Selena Gallegos, Kayl Hadley, Kate Holliday, Zander Rost, Jasia Stieg, Bodee Swarts, Emily Burdick, Hope Gonsioroski, Kyal Hadley, Tyrnan Hageman, Jimmy Miller, Hannah Rost, Danica Shepherd, Talyn Conley, Kimber Custer, Kaitlyn Durden, Chance Follmer, Jarek Janz, Javon Kesinger, Malachi Marshall, Tucker Miller, Jackson Moser, Brylee Swarts, Tiara Tronstad, Taiklyn Wyrick

Fifth and Sixth Grade

Fifth grade: Quinn Griffith, Tyler Johnson, Katelyn Moberg, Mallory Varner, Saraya Afrank, Kaytlynn Gaub, Nevaeh Miller, Jessica Stark, Chloee Thurlow, Raye Tronstad, Makala Gallegos, Jacey Gorder, Harlee Graham, Codi Melton, Kendall Shepherd, Aidan Wyrwas