Guest Speaker

Danger Dave telling the students the importance of education.

On Friday, Feb. 24, guest speaker “Danger Dave”, the Rodeo Clown, of Helena, Mont., and Sylvan LaCross, bullfighter, came to talk to the students about the importance of staying in school. Both David and Sylvan have business degrees; this education paid for them to choose this occupation in rodeo for a living. They stressed that having an education allows you the freedom to choose a career you would enjoy yet be able to make a living while doing it.  David has been a rodeo clown for 12 years. He views his job as entertaining the audience and helping distract the bull when necessary. His barrel is his island of protection. Sylvan LaCross, from Baker, Mont., has participated in the rodeo for ten years, bareback riding and four years as a bullfighter. Both speakers wanted to impress on the students that their education made it possible for them to pursue their dream jobs, working in a rodeo, and that staying in school should be a vital part of their future.