Baker’s St. Patrick Leapin’ Leprechaun Race

By Sherry Vogel

St. Patty’s Day is next weekend, March 17, so to get you in the green, the Fallon Medical Complex (FMC) Foundation is sponsoring the 5th annual “Leapin’ Leprechaun Race” this weekend, on Saturday, March 11, at 12:45 p.m.

You would be ‘Dublin over with laughter’ if you organized a team of three and joined in the fun. Now a team is made up of all ages, all ‘wearing the green’, yet one must dress as a leprechaun. “What does that look like me lad?” See me hat? The buckles on me shoes? Why that’s what a leprechaun looks like.

The race starts at “Emerald Island” (Thee Garage Showroom) at 12:45 p.m. Each “clan” (team) will create a “Clan Flag” which will unite them as they begin the quest to collect the most coins in this fun-filled “Paddy day” challenge.

Run/walk /bike/rollerblade or drive to weave your way through five various stations, ending at thee “Irish Horseshoes” (Coldwell Field). Each team will collect “gold coins” from five different stations and a pin at every pub.

Ye town’s folk are in for an Irish treat as ye will be lucky enough to “kiss a leprechaun,” for a wee dollar a smooch at thee kissing booth.

Beware me lad and lassies! During the course of the afternoon, ye could find yourselves in the Leprechaun Jail. Let it be known, anyone in the general public can, if ye be willing, throw you in the paddy wagon for a wee $10. (Warrants can be purchased at participating pubs.) So better patch up your differences, make amends or pull down your shades.

At the end of the rainbow, at 5 p.m., after all the teams have “leaped” across the finish line, an Irish meal will be served at Thee Garage Showroom to all who yearn for a delicious St. Paddy Day meal. Cost of the feast is $10 each.

“Clan” with the most coins in their caldron, a “pot of gold” for sure, are declared thee winners!

This fun-filled day of awards, food and fun is sponsored by   Friends of FMC Foundation. All proceeds will go toward medical education scholarships.

Entry fee is $75 per team, which includes the race, meal and prizes. For more information, ye may call 406-778-5116 or e-mail:

*Tis nere to late to register for this roving race. If ye friends “wake up de morning of the race, a feelin’ the luck of the Irish is with em” then come down to Thee Garage Showroom by noon, 12 o’clock sharp mind ye, “no later than,” to register your clan.