The Leeks and the Garlics

“Oh we long for the leeks and the garlics”

They whined till God sent the quail.

Little did they know they had angered the Lord

And in discontent they had failed.

Oh we’re like that as a human race

We are never quite satisfied.

Never mind we have enough and more

We want something else we decide.

We complain of our lack of strength

Though we can still walk a bit.

Are we thankful for our measure of health

And making the most of it.

Or do we look back a period of years

And recall the joy of motion.

Action which mostly escapes us now

Just because we take a notion.

Not to long for the leeks and the garlics

Lest He send leanness to our souls.

Lets be grateful for our measure of strength

God knows what makes up the whole.

He knows this part is temporary

He knew when the timbers crossed

He knew that Eternity mattered more

When for me He was nailed to the cross.

By Prairie Singer

Feb. 2016