National FFA Week

8th Graders Dacy Buerkle, Ashley Sander, Jenna Paul, Trinity Rieger and Bret Edgell are dress for Tacky Wacky Thursday.

For National FFA Week, the students celebrated by dressing up each day. Wednesday was pajama day. Thursday they dressed up with tacky wacky clothes, and on Friday they dressed in FFA blue and gold. National FFA week culminated with an Ag Olympics. The events were: Tire Race, Chore Dressin’, Wheel Barrel/Sack Race, Machine Fixin’ Tool Selection, Cowboy Hockey, Farm 2 School/Fear Factor Eating Race. After all the events were over, the scorekeeper determined that the High School team was 1st beating out the Teachers who placed 2nd, followed the 8th grade in 3rd and 4th place was 7th grade.

Lexi Wills pushing Noah MacLachlan down the floor after having spun around on a bat.