Fallon County Timely-Tips

A smooth kitchen remodel

By Sherry Vogel

Here in Montana, for various reasons, the best season to find contractors to do that kitchen remodel job is in the winter.

Whether you have hired a contractor, or you are brave and skilled enough to carry out an arduous do-it-yourself project is up to you. Either way, it is not wise to dive into a kitchen-remodeling project or any other interior remodel without some planning before the demolition begins.

Here are a few tips to make a kitchen remodel run more smoothly.

#1. Timing is important. Be sure to consider whether you can tolerate a remodel during the holidays, family events, or if you have children, whether to remodel when they aren’t in school.

#2. Functioning during the remodel. Give some thought to what other convenient area would work to move your refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot. You will still want to be able to “function” during the project

#3. Prepare and freeze meals ahead of time. It will be convenient to have meals you can just pop into the microwave. Takeout every night can be pricey.

#4. Sheeting off areas. Protect furniture and other sections of the home by placing large plastic sheeting to minimize and contain dirt and dust during construction.

#5. Protect furniture and valuables. Help by covering furniture with sheets and removing pictures from adjacent walls. Safely bubble-wrap glass and other breakables and remove to out of the way areas.

#6. Keep pets safe. With doors opening and closing it is easy for pets to roam outside and perhaps get lost. Also, power tools can be hazardous and loud. Protect pets by crating them in a far off room or take them to a friend’s home while the remodel is underway.