Building Better Beef

Back Row: l-r Jacob Wang, Haylee Barkley, Caleb Ploeger, Sayge Barkley, Bo Rost, Ashlyn Lutts, Taylyn Dukart, Daley Crawford, and Zoie Rost. Middle Row: l-r Cooper O’Connor, Riley Williams, Madison O’Connor, Tylee Rieger, and Kalob Bollinger. Bottom Row: l-r Turk Rieger, Riley Lutts, Clay Rost, and Keara Lutts.

The Fallon/ Carter County Extension hosted a “Building Better Beef” Workshop for 4-H and FFA youth on Feb. 11, at Clayton Graham’s indoor arena. There were 18 youth that attended. Youth that are enrolled in an animal project either in the 4-H or FFA program are required to attend a Livestock Quality Assurance class every other year and also when they change age groups. These classes offer the youth knowledge on the requirements to properly care for their livestock project.

Joe Nussbaum demonstration how to properly shape the leg.

Joe and Stephanie Nussbaum from Beach Cooperative Grain Company demonstrated to the group how to properly fit and groom market steers and breeding beef projects. Joe explained to the group that this time of year is the perfect time to get their project in and start practicing their clipping. Joe began with showing the group his tool box and explaining what each tool was and why it was important to the process of fitting an animal. He also stressed that no animal is perfect and properly fitting them can help bring out their best qualities.

The second class taught by Elin Kittelmann, Fallon/Carter County Extension Agent, and assisted by 4-H Program Assistant, Kodie Olsen, covered how to properly market an animal and included many hands on activities. These activities included writing a buyers letter and determining their break even price.  Youth discussed the importance of buyers letters and reviewed tips for writing a successful letter to potential buyers. Then the group worked through examples of determining the break even price from the end weight and total expenses. They also looked at examples of positive and negative marketing stratagies and how they can affect the price any animal is sold for.

For more information on Extension programs or questions regarding the 4-H program contact the Fallon/ Carter County Extension Office at 406-778-7110.