IPYF – International Program for Young Adults

Carrie Krug with the fifth and sixth graders holding the Swedish flag in the front row and German flag in the back row.

Carrie Krug of Laurel, Mont., had the opportunity to participate in the 4-H International Program for Young Adults. She is a graduate of Montana State University at Bozeman. Carrie met with the fifth and 6th grade classes on Wednesday, Feb. 8 and told of her experiences while being an exchange student in German and Sweden. Her visit to these countries was for six months, so she was able to immerse herself in the culture and foods of each country. Carrie stayed with different host families while in each country. She also had the opportunity to climb the Austrian Alps, as well as visit the Berlin Wall. One of her German host families presented Carrie with the German lederhosen outfit to wear to the Oktoberfest celebrations. The students enjoyed listening as Carrie shared many of the extraordinary experiences she encountered as touring through Europe.