Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Keystone XL Pipeline will be good for eastern Montana and TransCanada will be a strong long term partner for our communities and it’s already been proven.  TransCanada has been a steady presence in Fallon County and the region despite the setbacks and delays.  Instead of sitting back and waiting last fall, TransCanada contributed to the Baker Rural Fire Department for the purchase of additional fire hose. At that time, TransCanada also donated to the Prairie Community Hospital in Terry.  Be assured that many more contributions occurred throughout the region.   TransCanada has our support, all indications were that the project was on life support, yet TransCanada continued to communicate and participate in a meaningful way.

In the first Letter of Support, the Fallon County Commissioners stated that they were very satisfied with the way TransCanada Representatives have worked with the Commission and they looked forward to a continued relationship and the economic benefits the project would bring.  I echo that sentiment and from my perspective, previously as the Executive Director of the Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation serving Carter, Dawson, Prairie, Wibaux, and Fallon Counties and now in my time with Fallon County, it would apply today as much as it did then and it would apply to the region as a whole.

Jason Rittal

Fallon County Development Advisor

Formerly Executive Director of Eastern Plains EDC