Commissioner Proceedings



PRESENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman; Deb Ranum, Roy Rost, Members; Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk



Commissioner Ranum made the motion to approve the Commission Minutes for the weeks of January 3-6, 2017 and January 9-13, 2017 with corrections. Commissioner Rost seconded. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nays. Motion carried unanimously.

9:00AM Paul Evanson joined the meeting.

9:15AM Mary Grube, Planner Administrative Assistant joined the meeting.


1. Planning Board Member for City of Baker – Two people to be appointed next week.

2. Plevna Interlocal Agreement – Plevna council needs to review.

3. Growth Policy Grant Discussion – Forrest has completed and will bring when he comes the first week of Feb. 2017. Commission requests to see an itemization of expenditures for the $12,000.00.

4. Upper Dam Joint Powers of Agreement – The Operational Maintenance Manual is complete at a cost of approximately $5,000.00.

5. Bean Properties LLC – Forrest wants a third letter sent with a deadline for payment, Commissioner Rost suggested sending via certified mail.

9:30AM Mary left the meeting.

9:30AM MECHANCIAL TECHNOLOGY INC./Paul Evanson Mechanical Technology had sent out a Control Panel Upgrade Proposal of $19,196.00. The current control panel is no longer being supported by Java and therefore is obsolete. The current system will still run, but would need no internet access so as to NOT update Java; as any update will cause a discontinuation of system monitoring. Paul suggested using an old computer to hook up to the system although it will not give you mobile alarms, such as phone alerts. Maintenance Contract increase is due to upgrade needs.

If upgraded, Mechanical Technology will help set up the computer or tablet.

The upgrade will take approximately 1 hour, 99% of which is done in Billings.

Parkview is proceeding with the upgrade. The Commission would like to know the effect on the quarterly maintenance contract cost.

Commission is in approval of the control panel upgrade, providing how this affects the quarterly maintenance agreement. Paul will send that information to the Commission.

9:45AM Paul left the meeting.

10:00AM Paul Evanson, Mary Grube, and Bobby Wiedmer joined the meeting.

Paul updated the Commission on the current fees. Parkview letter is erroneous in quote. The current quarterly fee is $555.31 and will go up to $583.00, courthouse fee is currently $270.00.

Mary Grube, produced a letter to be sent to Forrest regarding itemization of Growth Policy.

City of Baker pays approximately $12,000.00 per year for planning services, City of Plevna has proposed $500.00 per year. Commission has asked Mary to discuss with Jodi Miller.

10:05AM Shannon joined the meeting.

Bobby Wiedmer, Road Supervisor; Shannon Hewson, Brosz Engineering


1. Shop Updates – One of the plow truck’s front differential is leaking, at this time the department can’t afford to be down a truck, currently keeping fluids full. Also, presently unable to download information from fuel pumps to the office. The system is over nine years old. Fuel Master has been called for repairs; at present no cost estimate. 2. Road Updates – Plevna roads are blowing in again. Everyone is out pushing snow today. There have been phone calls in appreciation for the road departments’ efforts. Snow breaks are being plowed in and more to be completed this week once roads are cleared.

The Airport used the blower over the weekend, as they are also part owner.

Todd Barkley called Commissioner Rost with concerns about Division Road snow breaks. Todd had a private contractor create snow breaks. Bobby stated there is nothing on the east side of road and would prefer landowner written permission before the County enters property. Again, roads are opened first, then will work on creating breaks.

Green Acres Road will not be plowed by the County, as the County has not signed off, due to no agreement on road placement. County Planning made that decision with the sub-division process. Private contractor is clearing the road.

In regards to Sharon Fried, there is an easement, but was overlooked and is being taken care of now.

Baker Lake Box Culverts –

Shannon mailed out letters on the Baker Lake Drainage Improvement Project.

Still need to have easements on the USDA Building, Tim Burke owner; and Red River Inn and Suites.

County owns land between 5th and 6th streets; Shannon would like to use the land as a staging area if it’s usable. The Commission is agreeable as long as it is usable ground.

10:25AM Alba Higgins joined the meeting.

Cutting concrete for the crane installation.

10:35AM Alba left the meeting, Chuck Lee joined the meeting.

Discussion on what to do with concrete from culvert project; the County will take it if there is no rebar.

Also, what to do with the 12’ structure on 3rd street on east side of hospital? Does the County want it? Bobby will get back with Shannon on this.

Discussion followed on need for a landowner meeting. When to schedule, who to invite, only those with easements? or anyone along the way?

Decision made to open the meeting to everyone and send invites to landowners.

10:40- 11:00AM

3. Project Updates/Alba Higgins, Shop Foreman; Bobby Wiedmer, Road Supervisor; Shannon Hewson, Brosz Engineering; Chuck Lee, 911/DES Coordinator; JoDee Pratt, City of Baker Mayor; Luke Holestine, City of Baker Public Works Director.

A. Baker Lake Drainage Project Box Culverts

10:45AM Luke and JoDee joined meeting.

Shannon updated JoDee and Luke on discussion of concrete structure on 3rd Street, the City would like to keep it and store by the Lagoon. Decision was made the City will keep it.

Shannon then opened discussion on length of time project will take and what roads to close down. It is estimated that it will be a three month project starting in June or July, 2017.

The Fallon Medical Complex would like either 4th or 5th street open at all time from the highway. Shannon asked if there are any events happening in that time frame that need to be considered?

It was expressed that there is an exposed water main break on 3rd street that could be a potential issue and needs paved over.

Shannon handed out the Joint Powers Agreement to the city members.

Discussion on a need to visit with the Rec. Dept. and Parks Dept. about their schedules. Shannon will contact them.

More discussion in regards to potential staging areas.

Shannon brought attention that two trees in the park on 4th street will have to be removed as they are tied into the concrete.

The City will handle road closure notices and announcements.

10:55AM Eric Kary, Golf Course Supervisor; joined the meeting.

11:05AM Shannon, Bobby, Chuck, JoDee, and Luke left the meeting.


Eric informed the Commission the mower reels (blades) are $380.00 to $400.00 each and there are enough funds in his budget. The Commission approved purchase.

Currently, he is just working on machines.

11:10 Eric left the meeting.

11:15AM RESOLUTIONS 2017-7 and 2017-8

1. Resolution 2017-7 Precinct Boundary Updates

Commissioner Rost made the motion to adopt Resolution 2017-7 Precinct Boundary Updates for Fallon County. Commissioner Ranum seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for further discussion and there was none. 3 Ayes. 0 Nays. The motion carried unanimously.

2. Resolution 2017-8 Adopt Hospital Mill Levy

Discussion on language. No vote at this time.


No one appeared for public comment.


Commissioner Rost made the motion to take a noon recess. Commissioner Ranum seconded. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 3 Ayes. 0 Nays. Motion carried unanimously.


PRESENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman; Deb Ranum, Roy Rost, Members; Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk


1:10PM Julie Straub, HRM; Karen Banister, Museum Curator; and Brenda Hoeger, Dispatch Supervisor joined the meeting.


Commissioner Baldwin asked for discussion on Museum Curator Job Description. No discussion. Approved.

Discussion followed on exempt employee status of Dispatch Supervisor Job Description. Approved.

1:20PM Karen, Brenda, and Julie left the meeting.


1. Enos Easement – Discussion on Webster Road Easement.

Commissioner Rost made the motion to approve a 30 foot from centerline of roadway easement on Webster Road based on County Policy. Commissioner Ranum seconded. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 2 Ayes. 1 Nay. Motion carried.

2. Agenda time for Phone System

Put back on agenda next week. Jan 23rd 2:45PM

1:45PM Lynda Herbst, Custodial Supervisor joined the meeting.


Discussion in regards to laptop needs. Lynda presented a purchase proposal for a laptop. The Commission approved Lynda to purchase the laptop.

Brian Davis and Tony were called in regards to water coming through a light fixture in north breezeway entry by Library. They will not fix until water issue is fixed.

2:00PM Lynda left the meeting.


The Commission reviewed and approved the January 2017 Mid-Month Claims in the amount of $133,908.90 and filed in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

3:00PM Steve left the meeting.


1. Review Agreement For The Use of An Emergency Services Vehicle- The Commission has questions on this. Tabled until a later date.

2. Review FY 2016 Annual Report and MDA- The Commission wants more time to review; move to next week’s agenda, allow one hour.

3. Hail Loss Check- The Commission signed and paperwork was notarized.

4. Board Agenda/Minutes- The Commission reviewed Board Agendas and Minutes.

5. Revenues- The Commission reviewed revenues received during the week.

4:15PM Julie Straub, HRM; Cindy Irgens and Debbie Wyrick, Safety Committee members joined the meeting. TRAINING

1. DOL Consultation- The Safety Committee is requesting permission for the Department of Labor to do a walk through before county receives the actual inspection. The Commission approved.

4:18PM Cindy and Debbie left the meeting.

2. Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors – Training would take place in April; currently only a handful in the county employees are certified in this training. Training would be mandatory for all supervisors and department heads. The Commission is in approval.

4:20PM Julie left the meeting.

4:25PM Commissioner Baldwin joined the meeting.


Department Notices/Reports/Emails

4:50PM Mary Grube, Planner Administrative Assistant joined the meeting.

Pinnow Land Purchase – A site plan was received in the Planners office several months ago but not a plat. Darcy sent an e-mail to Forrest to find out what legal description should be on the face of the plat. Nothing has been received in the Planning Dept. to date.

Commissioner Baldwin called Shannon with Brosz Engineering inquiring about the survey. Shannon will investigate and respond.

Decision on need for additional ambulance equipment insurance. Add to next week’s agenda.

5:00PM Mary left the meeting.

5:05PM Deb left the meeting.

5:10PM Resolution 2017-8 Adopt Hospital Mill Levy revisited.

Commissioner Rost made the motion to adopt Resolution 2017-8 to make a voted levy upon the taxable operation of the Fallon Medical Complex. Being there was no second, Commissioner Baldwin stepped down from being Chair and seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 2 Ayes. 1 Absent. 0 Nays. The motion carried.


Commissioner Rost made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Being there was no second, Commissioner Baldwin stepped down from being Chair and seconded the motion. Commissioner Baldwin asked for any other discussion. 2 Ayes. 1 Absent. 0 Nays. The motion carried.


s/Steve Baldwin, Chairman


ss/Peggy Paylor, Recording Clerk


s/Brenda J. Wood, Clerk and Recorder



PRESENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman



PRESENT: Steve Baldwin, Chairman; Roy Rost, Member