Parkview News

Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 17; Alvina Varner and J. C. Stanhope hosted the January Birthday Party for the Parkview residents who have January Birthdays, Delphine Hoenke, Tootsie Hanson, Hilda Sieler, Pat O’Connor and Jim Karch.

Most of the residents, Hilda Sieler, Katie Reeves, Darlene Hepperle, Tootsie Hanson, Judy Fradenburgh, Betty Kusler, Marlene Karch, Vina Varner, Norma Buerkle, Rosie Dahlman, Delores Erlenbush, and J. C. Stanhope gathered for cake, coffee and a visit in the dining room at the hospital.

Former resident, Ben Bechtold, currently of Billings, also stopped by to join the festivities.

Esther Wetzel is home from Billings where they put in a pace-maker. She spent a few days with her daughter Sharon before coming home. She says she is feeling well.

On Thursday, Jan. 19, Norma Buerkle surprised the coffee group with a lovely chocolate pie.