City swears in new police officer

Toby Reissig recently donned a new uniform for the city of Baker.


Toby Reissig recently donned a new uniform for the city of Baker.

Reissig was sworn in Jan. 9 as the city’s new police officer. He previously worked as a dispatcher and later as an officer at the Fallon County Detention Center.

His latest move fulfilled his childhood dream.

“When I was little I wanted to be a policeman or firefighter; never really realized I actually had opportunities to do that until we moved out here,” he said.

Reissig, 27, originally hailed from Manhattan, 20 miles west of Bozeman. He attended Montana State University and in 2013 graduated with a major in history. At that point he didn’t know what he wanted to do or where we wanted to be.

Mayor JoDee Pratt (r) swears in new police officer Toby Reissig. (Photo by Darlene Hornung)

It was when his wife, Nicki, took a job as a teacher in the Baker school system that the two moved to the west side of the state.

“She knew some people from college that were from here,” he explained, “(and) thought it was a pretty cool town.”

Reissig has now lived in Baker for about three years. When he realized there were opportunities to become involved with law enforcement, he started to work his way up from his position in dispatch.

To take on the role at the detention center, Reissig attended a four-week academy training program in the state’s capital.

After the local police department hired him his training would continue, with a 12-week program at the academy.

Now he looks forward to further serving the community in his new role.

“I really like the people and how close-knit it is,” he said of Baker. “How everybody watches out for everybody and how helpful everybody is.

“I really like that it’s a small town.”

But being an officer in a city with less than 2,000 residents has it challenges. At the same time, he said, it also creates opportunities that larger cities and bigger departments don’t have because they don’t have a relationship like Baker does with its community.