Longfellow School Winter Olympics

By Kallie Madler, Sixth Grade Teacher

Longfellow School participated in their first Winter Olympics. The day before our more than anticipated Christmas break, students from grades 3-6 competed in different holiday games. We dodged and dove as teachers and students challenged each other in a dodgeball tournament. Santa’s Little Helpers placed first. During the afternoon, students tried their luck at stacking cups in the shape of trees; racing against time to move candy canes with their mouths; shaking jingle bells out of boxes on their waists; three armed present wrapping; Christmas trivia; running in the relay present exchange, and many more. Each class received points for each competition, sixth grade placed first, fifth grade took second, fourth grade placed third, and third grade placed fourth. The first Winter Olympics ended up being a huge success, enjoyed by the students and the teachers as a fun way to join the whole school together.