Learning printmaking in Art class

Miss Parker showing the 2nd grade how to roll ink onto the plate with a brayer.

Miss Parker, the Art Teacher, has introduced her 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 7th grades to printmaking using Styrofoam plates. First the students would cut out the inner circle of the foam plate in order to have a flat surface to work and print from. She then questioned them about what they thought “printing” was as they cut, and many referred to the computer printer. Miss Parker then asked who has used a stamp, and all the lightbulbs turned on as they realized what our process would be like! They drew into the Styrofoam plates with dull pencils, rolled ink onto the plate with a brayer, then pressed paper on top of the plate, rubbing the design off onto the paper. The students thought it was like magic! The theme across the grades was flowers, which enabled us to have a nice discussion about the parts of flowers and different flowers that grow all over the world. The lesson because a mini STEAM project!