Innovative Ranching Workshop

Fallon/Carter Extension Office, Little Beaver Conservation District and the Fallon County NRCS collaborated to host an Innovative Ranching Workshop Jan. 5 at the Fallon County Exhibit Hall.

The Bale Grazing Tour that was schedule to start the program off was indoors due to the frigid temperatures. Kalyn Bohle of Bohle Angus Ranch south of Plevna, shared his experience with bale grazing.  Since 2010 Kalyn has been bale grazing and was able to discuss the benefits to soil health improvement, input cost on his operations and cattle health.  Kalyn states “that the toughest thing to change in bale grazing is your mind.”  Several other producers in the room were able to add additional comments and suggests for implementing bale grazing.

Ann Fischer, Fallon County NRCS Soil Conservations, presented on grazing cover crops and shared some cases from Fallon County where cover crops have been grazed successfully.  Ann shared the numerous benefits to the environment, land owners, and livestock she has seen from cover crops.

Burke Teichert, BEEF magazine Columnist, shared what he considers the “Five Essentials of Ranch Management.” (Submitted Photo)

Burke Teichert, BEEF magazine Columnist, shared what he considers the “Five Essentials of Ranch Management.”  Burke has a wealth of experience from being a cattle reproduction specialist, ranch manager for seven Deseret Ranches and a consultant.  He has used his experiences to develop his list of the keys to run an efficient and profitable operation. To define profit, Burke emphasis that it needs to be measured in “profit per acre or whole ranch profit”, not “production or profit per cow.” The four areas that are managed for profit are production, economics, marketing and people and the three ways to improve profit are to increase turnover, decreases overhead and improve gross margin.

Five Essentials for Successful Ranch Management:

1. The approach must be both integrative and holistic

2. Continuous improvement of the key resources-Land, Livestock and People

3. Used of good planning and decisions making tools

4. War on cost

5. Emphasis on marketing.

For more information about the program contact the Fallon/Carter County Extension Office 406-778-7110.