District Court Sentencings

City Court

•Ernest Lee Lizer, Baker, operating with expired registration, failure to re-register, bond forfeited $85, ticket issued 12/10/16.

•Ernest Lee Lizer, Baker, exhibition driving, bond forfeited $50, ticket issued 12/10/16.

•Jessie Wyatt Wooldridge, Baker, driving without a valid drivers license, $535 fine, jail of 180 days with 178 suspended on conditions for six months (7/4/17), two days jail to be completed by 3/1/17, no violations of any local, state or federal laws, pay fine, fees and or surcharges as agreed/ordered, complete jail sentence as ordered, notify the Court/Counsel immediately (within 48 hours) of any change of address or telephone number during suspension/deferral period, provide the Court with proof of a valid driver’s license by 4/1/17, ticket issued 12/17/16.