Create your own masterpiece at Corky Canvas, now open in Baker

Kayla Heiser and Sarah Helgoth are hoping to tap into the creative side of Fallon County with their new business, Corky Canvas.


Regional Editor

Kayla Heiser, 25, and Sarah Helgoth, 30, of Baker recently opened Corky Canvas, a studio that caters to people wanting to discover their artistic abilities. People start with a blank canvas and are given step-by-step instructions on how to create their own works of art. (Times Photo by Bryce Martin)

Kayla Heiser and Sarah Helgoth are hoping to tap into the creative side of Fallon County with their new business, Corky Canvas.

The two Baker residents held a grand opening in early January, promoting their new endeavor as something fun for families, couples and individuals. It’s a place for people to indulge in their artistic ability, or to discover it.

“We decided that Baker needed something to do,” admitted Helgoth.

If you’ve ever been scrolling down your Facebook news feed and come across a picture of a friend or family member standing with a group of people holding paintings, that’s what Corky Canvas is. People gather in the studio and are instructed step by step by Heiser and Helgoth on how to create their own work of art.

They have all the supplies; just bring yourself, some friends and your imagination.

“We were going out of town to do these about once a month and we were having a lot of fun,” said Heiser, 25, who also said Baker seemed relatively unfamiliar with the concept.

Heiser, Helgoth’s sister-in-law, explained that the idea to open a spot in Baker was pretty simple: the two hosted a couple painting parties at their homes for practice, inviting a few friends over, then picked an available space downtown to rent, located in the Studio 39 and Beauty Bar building at 204 South First St. West.

So far they said having a permanent location is going well.

“It’s a pretty good spot,” Heiser said. “We are able to host 16 people at a time so that’s a good number.”

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have artistic ability since it’s not a requisite to have fun at Corky Canvas. That was the case when the business’s owners tried their hand at it for the first time.

“The first one we did was in Colorado when we went down to see some family, and we just had so much fun,” Helgoth, 30, said. “We were both nervous and didn’t know if we’d be able to do it.”

But they walked away with their very own works of art and some fond memories.

“I think a lot of people have come and say they can’t even draw a stick figure. Then they get here and realize that they really can create art,” said Helgoth.

Helgoth discovered painting as a great way to relieve stress and relax following her husband’s death last year. Before that, she had no painting experience. Heiser admitted she was more of a sketch artist, something to do as a hobby, even though her great-grandmother was a painter. Heiser has always enjoyed art but never really painted.

That changed when they opened Corky Canvas, and began creating a different masterpiece each week.

For those possessing added artistic advantage, the business hosts an open studio once a month for people to paint whatever they desire. Regular classes are held every week, with children’s classes offered twice a month. As the business lifts off, Heiser said, they would look into adding more dates.

They are accommodating to anybody wanting to paint as a group, for private parties, birthdays, bridal showers and more.

“Seeing somebody sit down and saying that they can’t do this and getting to see how excited they are when they actually get their good, finished product,” Helgoth said. “That’s my favorite part.”

To reserve your spot at an upcoming class contact Corky Canvas at (406) 853-4527 and visit their Facebook page online.