Baker High School Speech & Drama

By Carole Bettenhausen

The Baker High School Speech, Drama and Debate teams competed at their last invitational meet for their pre-tournament season.  The team travelled to Huntley Project, where they competed with 38 other Class AA, A, B and C teams. There were over 600 students competing at this meet.  The team did quite well, finishing in 3rd place in Speech and 4th place in Drama.  Students placing were:  Taiken Goerndt, 4th place in MPA; Isaac Rost, 4th place in Impromptu; Ellen Widell, 2nd place in Original Oratory; Jaden Miller, 3rd place in Original Oratory; Megan Greiff and Anna Espeland, 3rd in Serious Duo; Emalee Thurlow and Taylyn Dukart, tied with each other for 8th place in LD Debate; Tannon Dukart, 8th place in Extemporaneous Speaking; Devon Solberg, 1st place in Humorous Solo.  Others competing but not breaking to finals were:  Rachel Rost, Humorous Oral Interp; Dani Rost, Humorous Oral Interp; Casey Wyrwas, Serious Oral Interp; Bo Rost and Jolyn Rost, Humorous Duo.  The team is coached by Carole Bettenhausen and Jennifer Dukart; they will be traveling to Culbertson to compete in the Eastern Divisional Tournament on Friday, Jan. 20.