Act of Kindness

We stopped at the gas pump at the station

Beside this old green pickup truck.

Pa had one like it years ago

So a conversation was struck up.

The driver was kind of elderly

An so truth tell is Pa.

But the man at the pump ahead of me

Was average built but tall.

He saw the older driver getting ready to lift

The gas can to it’s place.

So I got to watch the taller man

As he covered the bit of space.

He stepped up to the old green rig

Where the older man was standing

Pulling up his sleeves to hoist the can

And lift it over and in.

So Mr. Tall without a word

Grabbed the gas can by it’s bail

Gave it a hoist into the rig

As simply as I tell this tale.

Then he turned and strode away

But now you get the view

An act of kindness overlooked

Except that I told you.

By Prairie Singer

October, 2016