The Pringles Challenge

Callie Hoenke with her nearly completed Pringles ring!

Sooo you want to be an engineer?  Do you want to face the everyday challenge of trying to build something without any type of bonding?  Recently Mrs. Benner’s third grade class accepted the Pringles Challenge and worked on building a complete ring of Pringles without any adhesive.  The challenge is to stack the chips in such a way so that there is balance on both sides of the model, all the while using more chips to reinforce each chip as you build up your ring.  The purpose is to prove how the position of an object is as important as balance.  Of course the “real” challenge was trying not to eat the chips!! You know you can’t eat just one!!  Although they were not successful, they realize that the model can be made but takes patience and determination. We may have some budding engineers in our third grade class. Looks like they came very close to building the Pringle Ring!