Law Enforcement

Baker Police Department

     Anyone with any information on any area crime is encouraged to call Crimestoppers at 406-778-2222. Calls are never recorded and rewards are offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of responsible parties.

From the Bench

Justice Court

•Katelynn Schwindt, Baker, violation of a no contact order,  $585 with $400 suspended on conditions for six months (6/15/17), $100 to be completed through Community Service (12.5 hrs with a $6 workers comp. fee),  deferred imposition of jail sentence, up to maximum allowed by law, conditions for six months (6/15/17), six months maximum allowed by law, no violations of any local, state or federal laws, pay fine, fees and or surcharges as agreed/ordered, complete community service as ordered, attend, complete, comply and be responsible for all associated costs of WiseChoice Lifeskills Course(s): Contentious Relationships, notify the Court/Counsel immediately (within 48 hours) of any change of address or telephone number during suspension/deferral period, Defendant and/or Attorney to Motion Court for withdrawal of guilty plea and dismissal of charge(s) upon completion of deferred imposition of sentence/judgment requirements and deadline. (section 46-18-204 MCA), ticket issued 11/26/16.

City Court

•Kobee Ray Hickey, Baker, speed, exceed restricted speed limit established local authority, 56/35, bond forfeited $95, ticket issued 11/19/16.