Fallon County Timely-Tips – Burning Calories at home

Burning Calories at home

By Sherry Vogel

   It’s that time of year when everyone is thinking about getting back in shape or shedding a few pounds. Many don’t have time to join a gym; having worked a full day they feel lucky to have the time to get their household chores finished.

   It’s kind of fun to see that it is possible “to kill two birds with one stone”, so to speak, because doing even the simplest of household chores you will burn a substantial amount of calories.

   As an example: If a person weighing 150 lbs. does one of these activities for one hour he will burn the listed amount of calories:

Santa has the ‘right idea’ as he prepares for next year’s haul.

Light walking   136      

Mopping   170

Baling hay   476

Sweep Floor            156

Driving tractor        102

Dust Furniture   160

Feeding Cattle        238

Vacuuming      168

General Carpentry  170

Light walking         136

Cleaning the Barn  476

Wash dishes     88

House Painting      342

Cooking                   68

Animal Care          340

Sleeping                  95