100 Years ago

Fallon County Times Successor to the Fallonite

Printed weekly at Baker, Montana, in the interest of the people.

Butte H. Tipton, Publisher

Entered at the Postoffice at Baker, Montana,

as Second Class Matter

Two dollars the year, strictly in advance

  The Fallon County Times will be 100 years old in May 2016. Following are a couple of stories from back then.

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Makes fortune at age of 60 on Fallon County homestead

   Seventy years of age, hale and hearty, and with a school boy vim, Sidney Cobleigh boarded a train Monday for a visit in the east.

   A strange and evently history has been that of Mr. Cobleigh. At the age of 62, eight years ago, it became necessary for him to start life anew and some good fortune put him in sight of the great possibilities of Fallon County. With but a few scattered shekels in his pocket and with his aged wife and one daughter he homesteaded near Baker. During all of these eight years he has never witnessed a crop failure and when he got on the train Monday he was the owner of 320 acres of fine land and was well in position to store all of his bumper crop of last year and he owes not any man.

   Such is the history of those who come to Fallon County and give it a fair, square trial.

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Off to secure bargains for Baker

   Joe Doull, manager of the successful firm of J. Lang & Son, left Wednesday for a ten day trip to Eastern markets.

   While away he will purchase some additional lines of stock, which will add to the interest of the store among the busy shoppers of Fallon County.

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Rink proves popular more skates coming

   Always alive to the desires for the amusement loving public and never failing to satisfy every taste when in his power to do so. Manager Ed Phillips of the Owego theatre has installed a complete outfit of skates and opened a rink in his popular house where the young and old are reveling in great amusement. Scarcely had the first installment of skates been tested when the demand became so great that Mr. Phillips was compelled to wire an order for a second shipment. An interesting announcement will come from the Owego in a short time.