Gotta Question

“Why is it okay for the county to post jobs internally on some positions? For instance the Fair Manager position was posted internally and Lani Debuhr received the job, then “Why are some jobs posted externally?, for instance, the Clerk & Recorder’s clerk position?.” Being a governmental entity, should there not be transparency in posting jobs, giving the public the right to know what is happening with the government they elected? and is this not discrimination to the public if they do not have the same rights to apply for these jobs as county employees?

   Answered by Fallon County Commissioners   

   Whether a County chooses to conduct an internal or external recruitment is not a violation of protected rights under Title 7 of the Human Rights Act and thus not discriminatory. Fallon County is committed to affirmative recruitment and diversity in employment opportunities. An employer, including a government employer, may recruit employees from within the organization (internal recruitment) or recruit employees using outside sources (external recruitment). Different circumstances and considerations contribute to the method of recruitment. Timing, qualifications of existing employees, interest from existing employees, and cost savings are some of the factors used by staff in making a recommendation to the Commission who ultimately dictates which method is used. The decision is not made to discriminate or with the intent of limiting transparency with the public.

   There are benefits to each type of recruitment. Fallon County carefully weighs those benefits prior to making the decision to recruit externally or internally. The benefits of performing an internal recruitment is that less time is taken to fill the position, induction training is not required, and it is more cost effective. When hiring from within, the applicants have already been screened and interviewed, although they will be interviewed again for the particular position that they are applying for. The time frame is much shorter (10 days), allowing the position to be filled more quickly ensuring continuity of services. Internal recruitment can boost the morale of employees that they get a chance to prove their abilities and efficiencies. While an external recruitment may result in a larger pool of applicants, it is more expensive and time consuming. For external recruitment, Fallon County advertises once a week for 2-3 weeks. In an internal recruitment, you are recruiting from a group of established employees whose service and performance is familiar to the employer and employees who are familiar with and invested in policy and procedure and committed to the employer. Fallon County is proud of our employee base and can often choose an employee for the vacant position from within the organization, however, if no employee suits best on that position, then it can employ external sources of supplying personnel.