Can you identify the man in the photo?

Who is the man peddling Rawleigh products?

By Sherry Vogel

One of our reader’ s grandfathers traveled the countryside selling Watkins products from 1922 until 1953. He had become friends with a competitor salesman, who was traveling the same area, selling the Rawleigh line of products.

   Here is an old postcard and a photo of the two men at work. (Cirr. late 1920’s-1930’s).

   “When two good men meet.”– Postcard

“When two good men meet.” This postcard depicts the early life of Fallon County when salesmen peddled their wares from homestead to homestead.

   We know that Percy Bryson is the Watkins man on the right of the female customer. (Does anyone recognize her, her child or the farmhouse the group is standing in front of?) The main mystery we are trying to solve is who is the salesman, on crutches, to the left? – The Rawleigh salesman?

   Here is an additional photo of the two salesmen standing along side their horse drawn business wagons.

The Watkins salesman meets up with the Rawleigh salesman at a country farmstead.

   Percy Bryson B: 09-28-1888      D: 03-18-19

   1910 homesteaded on *Horse Creek

   * 15 miles N.W. of Plevna

   1921 moved to Ollie, Mont.

   1922 started selling Watkins

   *What fun to get a glimpse of old photos that depict everyday life in Fallon County back in the day.

   If you can identify the Rawleigh man or anyone else in the photos please contact: Mrs. Joan Beach at 406-778-2148, or write to: PO Box 1161, Baker, Mont. 59313.