4th-5th Grade Gingerbread Houses

(l-r) Most Stable Gingerbread House Winners: Ethan Mellon, Noah Mclachlan and builder Sophia Tudor.
(l-r) Best Gingerbread House Decorators – Trae Oberlander, Noah Arnold, and Hayden Lane.

   Mrs. Isaacs’ 4th grade class and Mrs. Fujimori’s 5th grade class worked together to make gingerbread houses from graham crackers and frosting. The group who can build the most stable gingerbread house  using the least amount of supplies will be declared the winner. Once that is done, they will decorate their houses with candies and pick the best decorated gingerbread house. The winner of the most stable gingerbread house was Sophia Tudor, Noah Mclachlan and Ethan Mellon. I’ve been told that Sophia built the house, as the two boys were not there during the architectural construction process. The best decorated gingerbread house went to Hayden Lane, Trae Oberlander, and Noah Arnold.  Congratulations to our builders and decorators of tomorrow!