100 Years ago

Fallon County Times Successor to the Fallonite

Printed weekly at Baker, Montana, in the interest of the people.

Butte H. Tipton, Publisher

Entered at the Postoffice at Baker, Montana,

as Second Class Matter

Two dollars the year, strictly in advance

  The Fallon County Times will be 100 years old in May 2016. Following are a couple of stories from back then.

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Must be Something Wrong

If you’ve lost your zest for Christmas,

Lost your love for all its cheer;

If you scoff at gifts and giving

As the Christmas time draws near.

If you frown at all the clatter

When old Santa trims his tree,

Tell me, please, what is the matter?

Something’s wrong, it seems to me!

If the stocking by the hearthstone

Wakes no memory in your breast,

If the coming of old Santa

After all have gone to rest

Does not rouse your heart to action,

Make it beat and throb and kick,

Answer for my satisfaction,

Are you sure you are not sick?

If you can’t feel joy at Christmas,

Joy of life and joy of song;

If you can’t rejoice in giving

Whether it be right or wrong;

If the Yule log’s invitation

To your heart no cheer can give,

Let me ask how in creation

Is it worth your while to live?

   Lurana Sheldon in New York Times

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Pleasant Social

   A very pleasant social gathering took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Varner, two and a half miles south of Baker, on Saturday, Dec. 2.

   It was a club meeting and many were in attendance. The afternoon and evening were spent in singing, etc.

   An excellent supper was served by Mrs. Varner, to which all did full justice.

_____________ • _____________

Fallon County Times will be official paper for 1917

   The printing and publishing contract for the year 1917 was awarded to the Fallon county Times, its bid being the lowest of three submitted.

   This newspaper is thus designated by the board of County Commissioners the official newspaper of Fallon County.

   While this newspaper has endeavored at all times to furnish its subscribers all the news pertaining to the county’s business, it will now have an advantage in this respect which it was not able to attain heretofore.

   The Times will hereafter contain a report of the Commissioners proceedings in detail and will give to its readers the important happenings at the court house as they transpire.

   We have long appreciated the fact our country readers especially should be kept informed on these matters. They have neither time not opportunity to delve into them. It will continue to be our aim to print all the news that’s fit to print.

   The Fallon County Times, under its present ownership, has tripled its circulation and increased its size from six to eight pages. It is the official medium for the publication of land office proofs in this territory. With the added distinction just acquired the Times has made another stride in its aim to be Fallon County’s representative newspaper.