100 Years ago

Fallon County Times Successor to the Fallonite

Printed weekly at Baker, Montana, in the interest of the people.

Butte H. Tipton, Publisher

Entered at the Postoffice at Baker, Montana,

as Second Class Matter

Two dollars the year, strictly in advance

  The Fallon County Times will be 100 years old in May 2016. Following are a couple of stories from back then.

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Bishop of Montana coming to Baker on Tuesday

   Rev. Wm H. Faber, of Helena, Bishop of Montana will hold Episcopal services in the Congregational church, on Tuesday evening Dec. 12, 1916. A cordial invitation is extended to the public. In the afternoon of this day St. Atban’s Guild will meet with Mrs. R. E. Morris, where an informal reception will be held for the Bishop.

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Hotel Project sure go now

   The tangled affairs of the ill-fated Baker Hotel have at last been unraveled by the lawyers and litigants and gotten in such shape that the building may be completed.

   This was effected by the forming of a corporation designated as the Gate City Hotel Company, with a capitalization of $50,000.

   Those named as directors are: John A. Pratt, B. F. Thomas, L. E. Baker, W. B. Leavitt and Ralph Keener.

   The tenancy of the hotel and cafe has not been announced.

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Miss Kelling operated on

   Under Sheriff Kelling, received word this week from Rochester, Minn., that his daughter, Miss Vivian, had been successfully operated on at the Mayo hospital.

   Mrs. Kelling accompanied her daughter to that famous institution two weeks ago. The many friends of Miss Kelling hope for her speedy recovery.