Gotta Question

   Some 10-12 years ago, the City of Baker paid for a kiosk to be made that was to be placed on Main Street so that regular scheduled meetings, sales and other meeting notices etc. could be posted for people to see.

   I know that the kiosk has been built for years and is now sitting in the basement of the SMART building.

   I would like to know why it is not out where it can be used? It seems that the City would like to see where their tax money went?

   Answered by Mona Madler, Executive Director, SMART

   In 2006, the SMART Board of Directors started discussing constructing an informational kiosk where events, meetings, community happenings, etc. can be posted. The kiosk would be set in an accessible location where the community can find out what and when events are scheduled. SMART Board members requested $3,000 from the City of Baker to help fund the project, which the City graciously granted. The kiosk was constructed in September, 2008.

   Since then, many issues have delayed setting the kiosk. Every time a timeline was proposed for placing the kiosk, another issue arose. To be honest, in the last couple of years, other projects SMART is working on or assisting with have taken precedence over setting the kiosk.

   The current timeline is to place the kiosk at the Bank of Baker south parking lot in early spring of 2017.