Property Rights Organization holding public meeting

   Thursday, June 23, the group will be holding a public meeting at the Fallon County Fairgrounds, at 7:00 PM.

By Wanda Pinnow

We urge all property owners who have received a letter of interest for easement from the WBI Energy Transmissions and a letter from WBI Energy Transmissions’ lawyers with a final offer and a warning to commence with condemnation proceedings to please attend. Every property owner who was in attendance at the first two meetings, needs to attend this meeting.

   From this point forward the group shall be named Montana Gas Storage Stewardship Group, LLC (MGSSG). MGSSG will be working under the umbrella of Property Rights Organization, LLC.

   Topics to be discussed at Thursday’s meeting will be, the language changes MGSSG is asking WBI to make in the contract. The signing of the Operating Agreement between MGSSG and all members of the group. Our lawyer will be in attendance to answer all questions and concerns about the contract and the threat of condemnation. It is very important that all landowners who want to be part of the group attend this meeting.

   The MGSSG committee members are Kevin Braun – Chairman, Mike Griffith – Vice-Chairman, and Sharon Gookin –  Secretary/Treasurer.  Dustin Krech, Cindy Atkins, Larry Singer, and Wanda Pinnow. Dave Havens has resigned from the committee.