Fallon County Tornado Recovery Update

Submitted by Chuck Lee

Site statistics

Houses razed as of June 16 – 6

Houses to be raised (known) – 8

Houses to be razed (possible) – 6

Perhaps 20 houses will be razed

Houses with moderate to minor

   damage – 32


Total loads received – 349

Total tons received – 1,392.49

Preliminary volunteer count – 138

   These are folks who signed in to the volunteer trailer. Does not include residents, fire, law, public works and other folks involved with the recovery. Efforts will be made to capture that number, but just want to give a feel of activity.

End of Day Report 6-17-16

   Lots of Volunteers throughout the day. By the end of the day lots of progress had been make, everyone seemed to be slipping into the weekend.

   The lunch that was served today by the American Bank Center of Glendive was delicious. Huge burgers, great fixings, and the baked beans were the best I have ever had. The servers were very friendly and couldn’t have been any better.  Quite a great group with a big heart.

   Today one more house was leveled. Unfortunately, there are many more scheduled as structural engineers complete their examinations. Kind of strange to see the vacant lots, and it will be interesting to see how the neighborhood fills out in the future.

   Check this story out. Fritz Goerndt received a check for $100 from a lady in Absarokee who had a house fire recently. Then I received a call from a woman from Bozeman who wanted to donate $50 to Fritz after seeing the story about the WWII Veteran in the Billings Gazette. She sent the check to the DES PO Box, and I told Kelly Goerndt a check was coming. Today the check arrived and I was able to present it to Fritz at the lunch feed at Iron Horse Park.  People are generous across all of Montana.

   Morale remained high today, but some folks could have tripped over their tongues by the end of the day. An honest effort was given by way too many folks to name. (It’s Baker, what else would you expect?)

   Finally – The change of landscape from Sunday to Friday is remarkable. This County should be proud of the efforts given both in Baker and out on Airport Road.