Property Rights Organization WBI Natural Gas Storage

   WBI had their lawyers Crist, Krogh & Nord, PLLC send a second letter to Fallon County residents who live in the natural gas storage area.

By Wanda Pinnow

The letter states that this will be your final opportunity to accept WBI Energy’s offer before they commence condemnation proceedings in Montana Federal court. Property Rights Organization (PRO) is still in negotiations at this time.

   You as the property owner need to contact Kelly Brooks of WBI, PO Box 5601, Bismarck, ND 58506-5601, 701-530-1607. You need to let her know that you are part of the PRO group in Baker. You also need to let WBI know that the committee members – Kevin Braun, Cindy Atkins, Dustin Krech, Mike Griffith, Dave Havens and Wanda Pinnow – will be negotiating on your behalf. It would be better if you did this in writing, but a phone call will work also.